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Fiat X 1/9 1300 1973, nederlands

A4, 24 pagina's

Fiat X 1/9 Five Speed, nederlands

A4, 16 pagina's

Fiat X 1/9, Engels

A5, 2 pagina's

Fiat X 1/9, Het Automobiel, Nederlands

A4, 10 pagina's informatie over de Fiat X 1/9


LA STORIA In 1987 we visited Carrozzeria Bertone in Grugliasco/Torino Italy and also had a meeting with Mr. Nuccio Bertone. Production of the X 1/9 was still running, a great impression. We made about 275 pictures and a 09.30 minutes film but all this material never was published before. Now we made LA STORIA, a unique book for all X 1/9 adepts with 275 unique pictures of the production of the X 1/9, bodies outside the plant, new Bertone X 1/9's in the parking areas, the Alcan project, the X 1/9 Cabrio etc. LA STORIA: 275 pictures, 4 pages of text in English, 60 pages quality glossy paper, including 09.30 min. film on You Tube with code

Markt, Duits, 1992

Phil Ward, A collectors guide, Engels

boek, 128 pagina's